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OCS - Obsessive Compulsive Saturation

OCS is a saturation unit inspired by the analogue behavior. It can be used as a console saturation unit but it can have a more sporadic aproach aswell


VST/WIN 32BIT (v 1.0.2)

(It will also work with RTAS win adapter)



Q: No mac osx ?

A: My platform does not support osx compiling so far, when platform dev updates to that, osx will be available.


  1. What platform do you use to develop plugins?

  2. This is a really nice saturation plugin. Sounds really good. (If the in & out knobs had greater range~24dB, could drive it harder). Great work!!!

  3. This sounds wonderful. As subtle as when I put my tracks through the console, indeed. OK a bit more subtle than that. :) It would be really nice to see this as a GUIless VST plugin since graphics consume so much memory and it's so much unnecessary for the only three controls. Take for example VladG Limiter or Loudmax that released GUIless plugins for the ones that don't care about the fancy graphics but care about a plugin using tens of MB due to that. ;) The thing is, when you use your plugin on many tracks as one should use it, then the MBs accumulate to a preposterous amount, but not with the GUIless version. Thank you so much for making this, Fabian!

  4. Great freeware Console saturation, it gives a bit more " Fat " sound
    i love the distortion it add's to the sound as well
    Hope it will come as a 64bit version too ? Nice work


  5. Hi Fab! Is it possible to obtain the code of this one? I would love to port it to linux lv2 in my spare time. Love your reviews!

  6. everyones got it working?
    apart from preset 1 , the others seems to have bugs on my host...and as soon as i switch thru presets the sounds stops on preset 1 too, unless i put the Model knob on B..
    program 2 is totally mute no matter what i tweak, program 3 and 4 have only the Model Knob..
    am i the only one experiencing such behaviours?
    WinXP and SX3 here..did u use Flowstone to create the pluggie btw?

  7. Hey looks great that plug in !!!
    Any plan for Linux in short future ?
    Thanks !

    The developer of Future studio oS 64bit (debian Linux based)